Would You Hire Bill Belichick to Sell Your Home?

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Want To Sell Your Home In 2019? Take A Lesson From Super Bowl Winning Coach Bill Belichick


Are you kidding me! The New England Patriots win again? They are not my team, and I sure wasn’t rooting for them, but I have to admit that they have been the most dominating NFL team this century.  Let’s give credit where credit is due, their coach Bill Belichick. It doesn’t matter who happens to be on his roster or on his coaching staff he continually wins.  Belichick, with two and half weeks to prepare for the game, can understand the opponent, take stock of the talent on his team, and assemble a proven game plan. In executing that plan, he has won 6 out of 9 Super Bowl appearances since 2002 - an unbelievable feat.       

How does this relate to selling your home?

Now that the Super Bowl is over, the last “unofficial holiday” of the holiday season has come to an end, and the “Listing Season” begins. We will start to see homeowners list their homes for sale, and buyers will start house hunting again.      

This seasonal shift in the real estate market happens every year after the Super Bowl.  From the end of the Super Bowl until the end of April in Southern California is the “Season to Sell.”  Inventory levels are still low, and buyers who started house hunting last May but did not buy over the summer or winter will now come out from their holiday hibernation. They awaken and suddenly become hungry and more motivated to purchase a home.  If you have ever wondered when the best time of year to sell a home is, you are now looking at it.  Historically this time of year will give you the best opportunity to get the highest sales price during the calendar year.   

We have had a higher standing inventory at the beginning of 2019 than in the past six years.  This means that we are no longer in a “Hot Sellers” market where you get multiple offers over asking price in the first week on the market.  We started 2019 in a buyer’s market, but we have now transitioned to a “Balanced Market” where neither the seller nor the buyer has the advantage.  Homes will take longer to sell and may sell below the original asking price depending on pricing strategy.

New Home Builders are also feeling the effects of this balanced market.  My inbox has been filling with emails from builders asking for Realtor’s help in selling their homes, with information on quick move-in and incentivized homes for sale.  We represent buyers on new home sales year-round but when the demand starts to slow builders increase their efforts to reach out to us to help them sell their inventory. 

Quick tip: it is always a good idea to take an agent with you on your first visit to a new home development to help with the purchase of a new home even if you are just looking.  We may know about homes the builder wants to a quick sale on homes that have fallen out of escrow.  We can help represent your interests, ask the right questions, and also negotiate on your behalf.     

Don’t get confused and think the bottom of the housing market is falling out.  We are just shifting into a more neutral market where you need a great negotiator and proven marketing plan. It’s predicted that there will be an overall appreciation in the home prices this year but not as high as we have seen in the last few years.    

Steven Thomas, an economist with Reports on Housing, is predicting 1 in 4 home sellers will not be successful in selling their home this year. Only sellers who accurately price their home and are in perfect alignment with the market will get their homes sold.

That means to successfully sell your home; you need a winning game plan just like Coach Belichick has for the Super Bowl. You will need an agent who understands the market,  One who can help coach you in preparing your home or offer and who does not tell you what you want to hear but tells you the truth.  One who will listen to your needs, and has a proven plan to execute and give you the highest chance at a successful home selling or buying experience.    



Thank you to Richard Wamsat from www.ocluxehomes.com for contributing to this article. Thanks Richard! GO COWBOYS!